The project will include a variety of events over the next three years. These are aimed at the general public and to professionals working in the book industry who want to find out more about the project’s translators and the stories they have uncovered, and how to help share these more widely.

For the pros

Over the next three years, there are planned events for professionals working in the book industry all over Europe: from editors and publishers to booksellers and librarians. These professional seminars will give them a toolkit to understand how to promote literature written in lesser known languages.

For everyone

Throughout the project there will be events open to the public: enabling a wide audience to meet Ukrainian authors in Berlin, see how translators really work in Sofia, as well as attend public readings in Arles. These events will give an insight into the work translators are doing to promote books written in lesser-known languages.

Archipelagos: překladatel v roli literárního skauta s Jürgen Jakob Becker, Jörn Cambreleng a Sára Vybíralová.

Více informací.

In 2024, the Assises de la Traduction Littéraire will take place between 1st and 3rd November.

More info coming soon…

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